Have you not received a receipt?

Receipts will normally arrive within 24 hours of you having completed your journey. If no receipt has arrived within this time, these are the 5 most likely reasons why:

Has the correct card number been recorded in the profile?

If you have been issued with a replacement card since you last used it, your card number will normally have changed and needs to be updated in the profile. Once this is done, the receipt will immediately be displayed in the profile. Delete the old number and enter the new one under the “Card” tab in your profile.

Have you changed you email address since your last journey?

To update your profile with your new email address, log on using the old address or registered phone number and password, then change the email adress under the “Profile” tab”. Simply press “Change” beside the old address.

Perhaps you used a different card than the one recorded in your profile?

If you used a different card (e.g. if you suspect that you may have swiped your Diners card rather than your Visa), simply add the other card to your profile and your journey will appear in the list at once. To add a payment card, enter the correct details under the “Card” tab and click on the “Add card” button.

Did you forget to swipe your card at the departure station?

When you travel to the airport, it is important that you swipe the card before you board, to let the system know where you are travelling from. This allows us to calculate the correct fare for your journey. If you forget to swipe the card, your receipt will be two days late because we are looking for your departure station.

Perhaps you didn’t make a ticketless journey?

If you have used one of our ticket vending machines and bought a paper ticket, the ticket will itself be the receipt for your purchase; your journey will therefore not have been recorded as a ticketless journey and no receipt will be produced.
The ticket provides all the information you need to fill in you travel expenses claim.