Executive Management, Board of Directors and Annual Reports

Executive Management

Philipp Engedal - Managing Director

Philipp Engedal has an MBA from Mannheim University and draws on many years’ experience from senior management within a variety of sectors, including retail, logistics, freight, building supplies and transport. Engedal took up position as Flytoget’s Managing Director in January 2017. He joined us from Nobina Norge, where he had also been Managing Director.

Eva Sørby Bråten  -  Director of Finance

Eva Sørby Bråten has a Masters degree in Finance and Management from the BI Norwegian Business School. Eva first joined Flytoget as Chief Accountant in 2007, after which she worked as Financial Controller for a period before taking on her current position as Director of Finance in 2014. She has previously held a number of different positions within the field of finance, and worked as a consultant specialising in the implementation of ERP systems.

Kari Skybak  -  Director of Human Resources

Kari Skybak has a BA in Social Sciences from Edinburgh University in Scotland as well as a degree in Leadership and Organisational Development from the BI Norwegian Business School. She draws on wide experience of working in Human Resources in Scandinavia as well as internationally.  She was Personnel Manager for Vingreiser AS, DHL International and UPC Norge (currently Get) before she joined Flytoget as Director of Human Resources in 2005. 

Thomas Berntsen  - Director of Operations

Thomas Berntsen trained as an aviation engineer before he graduated from BI Norwegian Business School with a degree in in business administration. He later supplemented this with courses in railway engineering and transport. Thomas has many years’ experience of the transport sector. He worked for SAS for 17 years, focusing on aircraft maintenance to start with before progressing to the position of Production Manager for Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Thomas joined Flytoget as Maintenance Manager but later took up position as Head of Engineering, and then Technical Director.

Board of Directors

Flytoget’s Board of Directors has temporarily seven members, three of whom have been elected by and from amongst the company’s employees. The other Board members are elected by the shareholder at the annual general meeting for a period of two years at a time. The staff representatives are also elected for a two-year term. There are two female members of the Board.

Rolf Gunnar Roverud

Born in 1958
Position: Board Member and Consultant Chairman of the Board since 2017
Rolf holds a degree in economics as well as an MA in strategy and management. He has previously been CEO of Scana Industries and has held senior executive positions with NSB as well as Saga Petroleum.

Trygve Gjertsen

Born in 1953
Position: Senior Vice President of Braathens Aviation
Member of the Board since 2005

Trygve is a business economist with a degree from the Norwegian School of Economics. He was formerly a partner with Ernst & Young. He has been Braathen’s Chief Operating Officer and has also held the position of Director of Corporate Strategy for the Norwegian Post Office.

Tone Wille

Born: 1963
Position: Group Chief Executive /CFO Posten Norge AS
Board Member since: 2016
Tone graduated with an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics before she joined Posten. She had previously held management positions at Kværner, GE, Elkem and Norfund. She draws on many years’ directorship experience from a variety of sectors and currently has a seat on the Board of Directors for Nordea Bank Norge ASA as well as a number of companies within the Posten Group.

Robin Kamark

Born: 1963
Position: CCO Storebrand ASA
Board Member since: 2016
Robin is a graduate in economics and holds an MBA degree from BI. Within the SAS Group he has held various management positions both nationally and internationally, most recently as CCO. He has held directorships in aviation and tourism. Robin came to Storebrand in 2012.

Jon E. Johansen

Born: 1959
Position: Train Driver Board member since: 2016
Jon has trained as machine fitter at “Fredrikstad mekaniske verksted”. He started working as a train driver for NSB in 1982 where he also worked as an instructor. Jon has been at driving the Airport Express Train since 2001 and he has also here worked as an instructor as well as sensor for new drivers. Jon has been shop steward at Flytoget since 2008.

Per Stene

Born in 1972
Position: Train Steward
Member of the Board since 2014

Per has worked as a painter and decorator, a postman and as a valet for a rental company. He started working for Flytoget as a Train Steward in 2011 and has been the main local union representative for the Norwegian Railway Workers Union since 2014.

Lena Angela Nesteby

Born: 1967
Position: Head of Design/Visual Profile, Flytoget AS
Board Member since: 2016
Lena graduated with a BA in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School before returning to the same institution for her Master degree. Lena has been working for Flytoget since 2005 and has been building the Flytoget brand over many years. She has previously held positions with Møller US Import AS and Harald A. Møller AS.